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Es vergeht fast kein Tag, an dem ZDF und ARD nichtüber die angeblichen Greueltaten oder Kriegsverbrechen berichteten. Ueber die Angriffe der ukrainischen Armee auf die russische Zivilbevoelkerung im Donbass erfahren wir so gut wie nichts. Aber nicht nur die Soldaten der regulaeren ukrainischen Armeee sind am Morden in den zum überwiegenden Teil von ethnischen Russen bewohnten Provinzen Donetzk und Lugansk beteiligigt. Besonders grausam gehen das nazistische Asowregiment und die Gregrianische Division gegen die Menschen dort vor.

Video: Die Geschichte wird die Vereinigten Staaten und ihre Verbündeten richten: Prof. John J. Mearsheimer

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By John J. Mearsheimer
Global Research, July 04, 2022
South Front 2 July 2022
John Mearsheimer is Honorary Professor of Political Science at the Higher School of International Relations. He is the R. Wendell Harrison Distinguished Service Professor of Political Science at the University of Chicago. Mr Mearsheimer is best known for developing the theory of offensive realism, which describes the interaction between great powers as primarily driven by a rational desire to achieve regional hegemony in an anarchic international system.
The following speech was delivered by John Mearsheimer at the European University (EUI) in Florence on June 16. American political scientist John Mearsheimer in his international lecture states that the United States and NATO bear all the blame for the bloodshed in Ukraine. Here they are trying to defeat Russia and will not stop before the escalation of the conflict. “History will severely condemn the United States for its strikingly insane policy towards Ukraine,” the author concludes.
First, the United States bears the main blame for the emergence of the Ukrainian crisis. This does not deny that Putin launched a military special operation in Ukraine, and he is also responsible for the actions that the Russian military is taking there. But this also does not deny that the allies also bear a certain share of the blame for Ukraine, although in the vast majority they simply blindly follow America in this conflict. My main contention is that the United States has pursued and is pursuing a policy towards Ukraine that Putin and other Russian leaders view as an existential threat to Russia. And they have repeatedly stated this over the years. I am especially referring to America’s obsession with dragging Ukraine into NATO and turning it into a stronghold of the West on the border with Russia. The Biden administration did not want to eliminate this threat with the help of diplomacy and in fact in 2021 confirmed the commitment of the United States to accept Ukraine into NATO. Putin responded with a military special operation in Ukraine, which began on February 24 this year.
Secondly, the Biden administration reacted to the start of the special operation by practically doubling its anti-Russian efforts. Washington and its Western allies are determined to achieve Russia’s defeat in Ukraine and apply all possible sanctions to significantly weaken Russian power. The United States is not seriously interested in finding a diplomatic solution to the conflict, which means that the war is likely to drag on for months, if not years. At the same time, Ukraine, which has already suffered terribly, will be even more damaged. In fact, the United States is helping Ukraine to follow the false path of imaginary “victories”, in fact, leading the country to complete collapse. In addition, there is also a danger of further escalation of the Ukrainian conflict, since NATO may be involved in it, and nuclear weapons may be used during hostilities. We live in times full of deadly dangers.

Bilaterale Unterstützung für die Ukraine im Ukraine-Krieg 2022

Veröffentlicht von Statista Research Department, 24.11.2022
Die USA sind der größte Unterstützer der Ukraine im Ukraine-Krieg, gemessen an bilateralen Unterstützungsleistungen seit Kriegsbeginn am 24. Februar 2022 bis zum 03. Oktober 2022. Die USA haben bisher rund 52,3 Milliarden Euro an bilateraler Unterstützung geleistet, davon etwa 27,6 Milliarden Euro in Form militärischer Unterstützung und rund 9,5 Milliarden Euro in Form humanitärer Hilfe. Nach der Gesamtsumme der bilateralen Unterstützung folgt das Vereinigte Königreich mit etwa 6,6 Milliarden Euro. Deutschland ist mit rund 3,3 Milliarden Euro der drittgrößte Geber.
Die USA geben dreimal soviel an Militärhilfe wie an humanitärer Hilfe. Das zeigt, welche Interessen die USA wirklich verfolgen. Sie wollen den Krieg soweit wie möglich in die Länge ziehen, wobei sie die Ukrainer als „Kanonenfutter“ betrachten. Dahinter steht die geopolitische Intention, Russland klein zu halten und zu schwächen. Die EU unterstützt mit ihrer militärischen Hilfe diese infame Politik.
Aehnlich menschenverachtend gehen die USA in dem nun mehr als 10 Jahre andauernden Krieg mit Hunderttausenden Toten und Millionen Flüchtligen in Syrien vor. Obwohl der angestrebte Regimechange unerreichbar ist, unterstuetzen sie die Regimegegner mit Waffen und finanziellen Mitteln, wohlwissend dass in der letzten Rebellenhochburg Idlib nicht mehr die sogenannte Freie Syrische Armee kämpft, sondern die Djihadisten. Humaniteäre Hilfe wird boykottiert.
Ähnlich menschenverachtend gehen die USA in dem nun mehr als 10 Jahre andauernden Krieg mit Hunderttausenden Toten und Millionen Flüchtligen in Syrien vor. Obwohl der angestrebte Regimechange unerreichbar ist, unterstützen sie die Regimegegner mit Waffen und finanziellen Mitteln, wohlwissend dass in der letzten Rebellenhochburg Idlib nicht mehr die sogenannte Freie Syrische Armee kämpft, sondern die Djihadisten. Humanitäre Hilfe wird boykottiert.


US Sanctions are Killing Syrians and Are a Human Rights Violation


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Steven Sahiounie
Damascus is now bitterly cold and is soon to be blanketed with snow. About 12 million Syrians are facing a deadly winter without heating fuel, gasoline for transportation, and dark houses each evening without electricity. Aleppo, Homs, and Hama are also extremely cold all winter.
Imagine being ill and having to walk to the doctor or hospital.  The ambulances in Syria will now respond only to the most life-threatening calls because they must conserve gasoline, or face running out entirely. Gasoline on the black market costs Syrians an equivalent of 50 US dollars for a tank of 20-liter fuel.
Sanctions against Syria were imposed by the European Union, the United States, Canada, Australia, Switzerland, the Arab League, as well as other countries beginning in 2011. The sanctions were aimed at overthrowing the Syrian government, by depriving it of its resources. US-sponsored ‘regime change’ has failed but the sanctions were never lifted.
For 12 years the US and EU have been imposing economic sanctions on Syria which have deprived the Syrians of their dignity and human rights.
New UN report asks for lifting sanctions on Syria
UN Special Rapporteur on human rights, Alena Douhan, urged sanctions to be lifted against Syria, warning that they were adding to the suffering of the Syrian people since 2011.
“I am struck by the pervasiveness of the human rights and humanitarian impact of the unilateral coercive measures imposed on Syria and the total economic and financial isolation of a country whose people are struggling to rebuild a life with dignity, following the decade-long war,” Douhan said.
After a 12-day visit to Syria, Douhan said the majority of Syria’s population was currently living below the poverty line, with shortages of food, water, electricity, shelter, cooking and heating fuel, transportation, and healthcare. She spoke of the continuing exodus of educated and skilled Syrians in response to the economic hardship of living at home.
Douhan reported that the majority of infrastructure was destroyed or damaged, and the sanctions imposed on oil, gas, electricity, trade, construction, and engineering have diminished the national income, which has prevented economic recovery and reconstruction.
The sanctions prevent payments from being received from banks, and deliveries from foreign manufacturers. Serious shortages in medicine and medical equipment have plagued hospitals and clinics. The lack of a water treatment system in Aleppo caused a severe Cholera outbreak in late summer, and the system cannot be bought, installed, or maintained under the current US sanctions against Syria.
Douhan said, “I urge the immediate lifting of all unilateral sanctions that severely harm human rights and prevent any efforts for early recovery, rebuilding, and reconstruction.”
US sanctions are not effective
In 1998, Richard Haass wrote, ‘Economic Sanctions: Too Much of a Bad Thing’.  He cautioned US foreign policymakers that sanctions alone are ineffective when the aims are large, or the time is short.  The overthrow of the Syrian government is a massive aim, and the sanctions did not accomplish that goal.
Haass predicted that sanctions could cause economic distress and migration.  In the summer of 2015 about half a million Syrians walked through Europe as economic migrants and were taken in primarily by Germany.
There is a moral imperative to stop using sanctions as a foreign policy tool because innocent people are affected, while the sanctions have failed.
The US steals Syrian oil, and will not allow imported oil to arrive
According to the US government, the sanctions on Syria “prohibits new investments in Syria by US persons, prohibits the exportation or sale of services to Syria by US persons, prohibits the importation of petroleum or petroleum products of Syrian origin, and prohibits US persons from involvement in transactions involving Syrian petroleum or petroleum products.”
There is a waiver that can be requested from the Department of Commerce, to circumvent the sanctions; however, it only applies to sending items to the terrorist-occupied area of Idlib. Hayat Tahrir al-Sham was the Al Qaeda affiliate in Syria and is the only terrorist group now holding territory in Syria.
On October 22, the media Energy World reported the US occupation forces had smuggled 92 tankers and trucks of Syrian oil and wheat stolen from northeastern Syria to US bases in Iraq. The theft is ongoing and continuous.
The US has partnered with the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) which is a Kurdish militia that has a political wing following the communist ideology begun by the PKK’s Abdullah Ocalan. President Trump ordered the US military to remain to occupy northeastern Syria and he ordered the US soldiers there to steal the Syrian oil so to prevent the Syrian people in the rest of the country from benefiting from the gasoline and electricity produced from the wells.
The Syrian Oil Ministry said in August that the US forces were stealing 80 percent of Syria’s oil production, causing direct and indirect losses of about 107.1 billion to Syria’s oil and gas industry.
Because the Damascus government is deprived of the oil its wells produce, it is forced to depend on costly imported oil, usually from Iran. The US routinely commandeers Iranian tankers, such as the incident recently when the US Navy took a tanker hostage off the coast of Greece on its way to Syria but was eventually released by Greece.
Gasoline shortage 
The government has instituted a three-day weekend for schools and civil offices, as well as suspended sports events to save fuel.
Maurice Haddad, Director of the General Company for Internal Transport in Damascus, told the al-Watan newspaper that the government has set stricter diesel quotas, leading to fewer daily bus services.
Athar-Press news website reported that several bakeries in Damascus have had to shut down because of the lack of fuel.
Fuel is needed to generate electricity in Syria, and the lack of domestic or imported fuel means most homes in Syria have about one hour of electricity at several intervals each day, and the amount is diminishing daily.
Sanction exemptions for Idlib and the Kurds only
The only two areas in Syria which are not under the Damascus administration are Idlib in the northwest and the US-sponsored Kurdish region in the northeast.  The US sanctions are exempt from sending items to those two places only. But, those two places represent a small number of Syrians in comparison to the civilians across the country, and the main cities of Damascus, Aleppo, Homs, Hama, and Latakia.  The US makes sure the people who are against the Syrian government continue to be rewarded with supplies and reconstruction, while the millions of peaceful civilians are kept in a constant state of suffering and deprivation.
Steven Sahiounie is a two-time award-winning journalist

Briten beliefern Selenskyj jetzt mit hochgiftiger Uran-Munition – weltweiter Protest bleibt aus

Redaktion22. März 2023 07:32
Kein Wort der Kritik, obwohl eigentlich ein Aufschrei kommen müsste: Sämtliche Entscheidungsträger des Westens sehen tatenlos dabei zu, wie nun Großbritannien hochgiftige Uran-Munition an die Ukraine liefert. Damit werden ganze Landstriche im Donbass verseucht.
Großbritannien will der Ukraine jetzt tatsächlich panzerbrechende Uranmunition (DU-Munition) liefern, deren Projektile abgereichertes Uran enthalten.
Die britische Staatsministerin für Verteidigung, Annabel Goldie, sagte am Montag in London, dass ein Teil der Munition für die Challenger-2-Kampfpanzer, die Großbritannien in die Ukraine schickt, abgereichertes Uran enthält. Die Erklärung lieferte Goldie gleich nach: Ohne dieser Uranmunition, die Panzer und Panzerungen leichter durchdringen könne, gäbe es gegen die russischen Panzer T-72, T-80 und T-90 kein Durchkommen.
Allerdings: Abgereichertes Uran stellt ein besonders hohes Gesundheitsrisiko in der Nähe der Einschlagstellen dar, kann doch der hochgiftige Feinstaub in die Lungen und lebenswichtigen Organe von Menschen gelangen. Nicht auszudenken, wie ganze Landstriche in der Ukraine durch diese Uranmunition verseucht werden.
Schoigu: Nur noch wenige Schritte bis zu einer „nuklearen Kollision“
Und wie reagieren die Grünen? Sie schweigen. Obwohl in Deutschland beispielsweise Uranmunition für die Leopard-Panzer streng verboten ist. Und auch von anderen Entscheidungsträgern des Westens hört man keinerlei Unmutsäußerungen. Dass große Territorien in der Ukraine kontaminiert und unzählige Menschen krank gemacht werden, nehmen sie offenbar in Kauf.
In Russland freilich blieb das britische Vorgehen nicht ohne Reaktion. Verteidigungsminister Sergej Shoigu sagte nach Bekanntwerden der Entscheidung Londons Uranmunition an die Ukraine zu liefern, es blieben nun nur noch wenige Schritte bis zu einer “nuklearen Kollision” zwischen Russland und dem Westen. Und Shoigu weiter: “Natürlich hat Russland darauf etwas zu antworten.”
Ebenso verurteilte die Sprecherin des russischen Außenministeriums, Maria Sacharowa, die Pläne Großbritanniens. Sie verwies darauf, dass die Uranmunition Krebs verursache und die Umwelt verseuche.
Selenskyjs neue Uran-Munition: So extrem gefährlich ist sie für Zivilisten
Großbritannien will jetzt panzerbrechende Uranmunition an die Ukraine liefern. Der Westen setzte sie schon im Irak und im ehemaligen Jugoslawien ein – mit verheerenden gesundheitlichen Folgen: Tausende Menschen erkrankten an Leukämie und anderen tödlichen Krebsleiden.
Redaktion22. März 2023 13:04

US Decides Whether or Not Kiev Should Negotiate Peace

By Lucas Leiroz de Almeida Global Research, March 20, 2023 InfoBrics
The announcement of Chinese President Xi Jinping’s visit to Moscow to meet Vladimir Putin is shaking Western war plans. After presenting a peace project, the Chinese government now demonstrates that it is considering Russian interests in the conflict as relevant, which is why the country’s president decided to go to Moscow. As well known, peace and Russian interests are inadmissible points for the Collective West, which is why an important American official has already publicly declared that any Chinese peace proposal must be automatically rejected by Ukraine. The case shows quite clearly that the neo-Nazi regime in Kiev is just a proxy for NATO, not having the capacity to decide sovereignly whether or not to negotiate an agreement.
According to John Kirby, spokesman for the White House National Security Council, any Chinese ceasefire proposal must be considered unacceptable after Xi Jinping’s visit to Moscow. Kirby believes that the Chinese gesture and conversations with Putin in person before Zelensky demonstrate that Beijing is writing a peace proposal that takes into account only Russian interests, possibly seeking to ensure the preservation of Russian territorial gains so far. That, for Kirby, would make any dialogue unfeasible.
By Rejecting China’s Peace Plan West Pushes Beijing Closer to Russia
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Milliarden von Euro von uns bezahlt. Sie nähren Krieg und Korruption in der

Ein riesiger Geldfluss wird von unseren lebenswichtigen Bedürfnissen abgezogen und von der Europäischen Union in die Ukraine geleitet, wo er Krieg und Korruption schürt.
Die EU-Außenminister haben der Ukraine weitere 2 Milliarden Euro für militärische Unterstützung zugeteilt. Der „Europäische Friedensfonds“, der seit 2021 zur Bewaffnung und Ausbildung der Kiewer Armee dient, soll jährlich von ursprünglich 400 Millionen auf über eine Milliarde Euro aufgestockt werden. Damit werden die 30 Milliarden Euro, die die EU von Januar bis Oktober für die Bewaffnung der Ukraine ausgegeben hat, um weitere Mittel erweitert.
Zusätzlich zu diesen Ausgaben hat die Europäische Union beschlossen, der ukrainischen Regierung 19 Milliarden Euro in Form eines Darlehens zu gewähren, wohl wissend, dass diese niemals zurückgezahlt werden. Auf einem Gipfeltreffen, das Präsident Macron in Paris einberufen hatte, um Kiew weitere Finanzhilfen zukommen zu lassen, kündigte die Präsidentin der Europäischen Kommission, Ursula von der Leyen, an, dass „ die internationale Gemeinschaft beschlossen hat, für nächstes Jahr mindestens 1,5 Milliarden Euro Finanzhilfe pro Monat bereitzustellen Ukraine “.
In einem Land, das bereits von weit verbreiteter Korruption auf allen Ebenen geprägt ist, ist es in der gegenwärtigen chaotischen Situation praktisch unmöglich, das tatsächliche Ziel dieser enormen Geld- und Waffenströme zu kontrollieren. Ein großer Teil landet sicherlich in den Händen von Machthabern, wodurch er in den geheimen Kreisläufen von Steueroasen verschwindet. Welche Garantien die Europäische Union bei Anti-Korruptions-Kontrollen geben kann, zeigt Qatar Gate. Die Vizepräsidentin des Europäischen Parlaments Eva Kaili, eine Vertreterin der griechischen Sozialisten, die der Fraktion der Sozialisten und Demokraten angehört (deren Mitglied die Demokratische Partei Italiens ist), wurde zusammen mit anderen (einschließlich 4 Italienern) wegen Korruption, Geldwäsche und Beteiligung festgenommen in einer kriminellen Vereinigung im Auftrag der belgischen Justiz.

Ukraine: Ein „Afghanistan“ im Herzen Europas

Globale Forschung, 05. Dezember 2022
Von Manlio Dinucci
Die Verbündeten leisten der Ukraine beispiellose Unterstützung und werden dies auch weiterhin tun“, kündigt NATO-Generalsekretär Stoltenberg an. Mit Hunderten von der NATO gelieferten Haubitzen feuern die Kiewer Streitkräfte an einem einzigen Tag Tausende von Schuss Munition ab, mehr als die NATO-Streitkräfte in einem Monat in Afghanistan abgefeuert haben. Die sechs Meter langen und tonnenschweren Haubitzenrohre müssen deshalb häufig ausgetauscht werden: Dafür hat das Pentagon eine Spezialeinheit in Polen stationiert, die laufend Ersatzteile in die Ukraine schickt. 
Dies führt zu einer kolossalen Steigerung der Kriegsproduktion, die zu einem entscheidenden Faktor im Krieg wird.
Die USA und die Nato beliefern Kiew nicht nur mit immer mehr Waffen, sondern auch mit weitreichenden Waffensystemen und automatisch auf Ziele gerichteten Projektilen. Infolgedessen setzt Russland immer ausgefeiltere Waffen ein. All dies führt zu einer zunehmend gefährlichen Eskalation der militärischen Konfrontation zwischen der NATO und Russland.
Die Situation wird durch die wachsende kriegerische Rolle der Europäischen Union noch gefährlicher.
EU-Kommissionspräsidentin Ursula von der Leyen kündigt an, dass die von der EU bereits „eingefrorenen“ 300 Milliarden Euro, die die russische Zentralbank bei europäischen Banken hinterlegt hatte, nun beschlagnahmt und effektiv für den Krieg gegen Russland eingesetzt werden. Gleichzeitig kündigt Jens Stoltenberg an, dass „wir diskutieren, wie wir der Ukraine helfen können, sich in Richtung NATO-Mitgliedschaft zu bewegen“. Wenn die Ukraine der NATO beitritt, müssen die 30 NATO-Staaten, einschließlich Italien, gemäß Artikel 5 ihre Streitkräfte entsenden, um gegen die russischen Streitkräfte in der Ukraine zu kämpfen.
Vor dem Hintergrund dieses Szenarios gewinnt die Kampagne Fuori l’Italia dalla Guerra an Bedeutung. Dazu spricht der Historiker Franco Cardini.
Mein Kommentar
Die europäischen Regierungen lassen sich von einem korrupten Präsidenten an der Nase herumführen. Sie unterstützen mit hunderten Millionen unserer Steuergelder einen Präsidenten der in Korruptionsskandale verwickelt ist und offen seine Zusammenarbeit mit ultranationalen Gruppen zeigt, die sich in der Tradition der Nazis sehen. Umso befremdlicher ist es, wenn Selenskyi die Kriegsverbrechen russischer Soldaten in der Ukraine (die es fraglos gibt) mit dem Holocaust vergleicht und damit die Israelis vor den Kopf stößt.

The Invisible Victims of the War in Ukraine

By Dr. Leon Tressell Global Research, February 23, 2023
“It is the writer’s duty to tell the terrible truth, and it is a reader’s civic duty to learn this truth. To turn away, to close one’s eyes and walk past is to insult the memory of those who have perished.” ― Vasily Grossman, The Road: Stories, Journalism, and Essays
On 20 February Didier Reynders, the European Commissioner for Justice, announced that a new international centre will be set up in July of this year to investigate war crimes committed by Russian forces in Ukraine over the course of the last year. Yet when Ukrainians are tortured by their own government the EU does not give a damn.
MEPs Clare Daly and Mick Wallace raised concerns on my behalf with the EU Commission regarding the situation of young communists Mikhail Kononovych and Aleksander Kononovych, who have been tortured by the SBU. Josep Borrell, Vice President of the European Commission arrogantly replied to them saying, “Ukraine has demonstrated the resilience of its institutions guaranteeing democracy, the rule of law and human rights’’ and ignored the plight of these young communists.
Amidst the fanfare in the Western media regarding this issue there is a stony silence when it comes to investigating the war crimes committed against the Russian speaking population of the Donetsk and Lugansk regions now known as the Donetsk People’s Republic and Lugansk People’s Republics DPR/LPR.
Since the spring of 2014 civilian settlements in the DPR/LPR have been subjected to incessant attacks by the heavy weaponry of the Ukrainian armed forces. The most widely used weaponry has been the heavy artillery systems which have been the biggest killer of civilians over the last 9 years.
“The First Casualty of War is the Truth”. What is Really Happening in Donbass. Interview with Donbass Insider
The Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) has estimated that between April 2014 to 31 December 2021 that between 14,200-14,400 people have died in the civil war in eastern Ukraine. Of these at least 3,400 were civilians and the rest were combatants from both sides.
It should be emphasised that the exact number of casualties is still undetermined due to the large number of missing people, the fact that many civilians under artillery fire buried their relatives in makeshift graves and the fact that many of the militia men from the DPR/LPR did not have uniforms and so many will have been classified as civilians deaths.
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the LPR, Anna Sororka, at a recent press conference “Scorched memory of Donbass: war crimes of the Ukrainian army and new data on the massacres of the civilian population’’ gave casualty figures which contrast sharply with those of the UN. Soroka stated that more than 2,000 civilians in the LPR were killed between April 2014 and February 2022 and that 3,365 were injured of whom 88 were children.
Meanwhile, the Commissioner for Human Rights in the DPR, Daria Morozova, stated at the same press conference that more than 5,000 people, including 91 children, were killed during this period. Besides this, over 8,000 civilians were wounded between April 2014-February 2022.
It should be further noted that DPR authorities note that large numbers of civilians were killed/injured by Western supplied armaments. Dimitry Kalshnikov, head of the forensic examination bureau of the DPR, has stated that:
“For the last five years, we have been finding special bullets used by NATO. We have never had such cartridges. As experts, such cartridges simply surprise us: at the entrance there is an awl, and at the exit it tears the tissue at all, we have never seen anything like this. This is assistance to Ukraine from international organizations.’’
During the last year of war the OHCHR has estimated that over 7.1 thousand civilians have been killed and a further 11.756 were reported injured. It does note that the real figures are probably much higher.
The DPR mission to the Joint Control and Coordination Center (JSCC) has estimated that Ukrainian troops have fired 15,000 times at civilian areas of the republic. On it Telegram channel on Monday 20 February it wrote that 108,866 munitions of various calibres have been fired by Ukrainian troops over the last year. These include 39 Toch-U rockets, 231 HIMARS rockets, as well as 22,366 shells of NATO calibre 150mm. According to the JSCC there have been 92 incidents in which civilians have been hit by anti personnel mines.
In its press release the DPR mission to the Joint Control and Coordination Centre estimated that over the course of the last year of fighting 4,440 residents died including 132 children.
Its estimate of the damage caused by Ukrainian shelling to be as follows: 9,889 residential houses and 2,441 civilian infrastructure facilities, including 138 medical and 488 educational institutions, 965 social security facilities, 70 critical infrastructure facilities, 780 electricity, water, heat and gas supply facilities.
Thankfully, a few brave independent journalists, who are dismissed as Kremlin apologists in the West, have reported on this issue throughout the last 8 years. Eva K Bartlett, Christelle Neant and Graham Philips have doggedly recorded the Kiev government’s war on the civilians of the Donbass. The stand out for me is US navy veteran Patrick Lancaster who has issued daily video reports on Youtube showing in graphic, heart breaking detail the impact of Ukrainian shelling on the civilians of the two republics.
Sadly, the Western media and political elites have completely ignored the daily war crimes being committed by Ukrainian forces against the civilians of the DPR and LPR. When you hear the next hysterical story in the Western media about alleged Russian war crimes then you should ask yourself the question: why are they not reporting the daily intensive shelling of civilians in Donetsk?
The grieving families of the invisible victims of the Ukraine war deserve our sympathy and support.

Investigating the War in Ukraine and its Aftermath. A Conversation with Mahdi Nazemroaya

By Michael Welch and Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya Global Research, February 11, 2023
In precisely two weeks, the world will mark the first day of Russia’s aggressive move into Ukraine.[1]
According to BBC News Russian, more than 13.000 identified soldiers on the Russian side died in the war. The Norwegian Chief of Defence puts the number of Ukrainian military casualties at 100,000 and civilians dead at 30,000. More than 8,000,000 Ukrainian refugees have left the country and another 8,000,000 are displaced within the country.
The Ukrainian forces fought back armed with various weapons provided by NATO forces. The Ukrainian people have been crippled recently due to loss of power and loss of heat brought on by the Russian attacks.
Today, the Ukrainians have been watching the conflict increasePresident Volodymyr Zelenskiy has reached out for help from the U.S. and UK from the very beginning. He has  recently gotten more well equipped tanks. Now he is even calling for more fighter jets.
Ukraine: A Complex War and “The Neo-Nazi Element”: Holes in the Mainstream Account of “Justice in Ukraine”
What all this points to is a development for the one year anniversary that could be summed up in a single word – escalation. And as we are midway up this crescendo, how is it likely to climax?
Prominent figures like former general and CIA director David Petraeus do not exclude the prospect of sending U.S. forces into action on the ground alongside Ukraine. If Russia faces the threat of getting struck from within Ukraine by U.S. and NATO weaponry, what card do they have to play?
The Bulletin of Atomic Scientists just reset the time on their doomsday clock to a minute and a half before midnight. NEVER has the doomsday clock been this close! [2]
That is why we must continue to devote time and attention to a game of nuclear fisticuffs that would have terminal consequences for us all. That’s why I chose the company of a geopolitical analyst and good friend Mahdi Nazemroaya to speak to us on this critical edition of the Global Research News Hour.
Mahdi Nazemroaya has a long time association with the Centre for Research on Globalization writing numerous articles and doing plenty of research. He joins us to share his honest appraisal of the Ukraine situation, the support of allies, and the overall trends in the direction this war is headed.
On the subject of Ukraine he wrote The Road to Moscow Goes Through Kiev: A Coup d’Etat That Threatens Russia back in 2015.
He also put together the May 2014 documentary Welcome to Nulandistan: Propaganda and the Crisis in Ukraine for GRTV. (see below.)
Full Length Documentary Produced by Mahdi Nazemroaya
Watch on Youtube Welcome to Nulandistan: Propaganda and the Crisis in Ukraine

West Tells Global South ‘You Can’t be Neutral’ in Ukraine War: You Are Either with Us, or Against Us

<a href=httpswwwyoutubecomwatchv=UXjDazqxAPo>Baerbock Neutrality is not an option<a>
By Ben Norton
Global Research, February 23, 2023
Geopolitical Economy Report 20 February 2023
The foreign ministers of the United States, Germany, and Ukraine have told the world “you can’t be neutral” in NATO’s proxy war with Russia, recalling President George W. Bush’s infamous declaration, “You are either with us, or against us”.
In doing so, these Western officials are implicitly criticizing the vast majority of the countries on Earth, which are in the Global South, and which have maintained strict neutrality over the war.
In a joint event at the Munich Security Conference on February 18, Germany’s Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock declared,
“Neutrality is not an option, because then you are standing on the side of the aggressor”.
Video: 21.02.2023
The foreign ministers of the US, Germany, and Ukraine told the world at the Munich Security Conference, “Neutrality is not an option” in the West’s proxy war against Russia, implicitly criticizing the vast majority of Global South countries, which are independent.
Baerbock emphasized that
“this is a plea we are also giving next week to the world again: Please take a side, a side for peace, a side for Ukraine, a side for the humanitarian international law, and these times this means also delivering ammunition so Ukraine can defend itself”.
The German foreign minister’s comments were echoed by US Secretary of State Antony Blinken.
“As Annalena [Baerbock] said, there is no neutral position… There is no balance”, Blinken said, stressing, “You really can’t be neutral”.
Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba praised the West for “stand[ing] for principles and rules”, while implying that the Global South is barbaric and lawless.
“We see an unprecedented unity of one part of the world that stands for principles and rules this world is based on, but we also see other parts of the world, some are neutral, which means effectively the support of Russia”, Kuleba said with disgust.
Baerbock had previously made it clear that the West is waging war on Russia, declaring at the Council of Europe in January, “We are fighting a war against Russia”.
The tone and context of the comments made by top Western officials at the Munich Security Conference on February 18 made it clear that they are angry with the Global South for refusing to join their proxy war.
Vast majority of world population, located in Global South, is neutral in Ukraine proxy war
A day before this discussion at the Munich Security Conference, French state media outlet France 24 published an article complaining that, “Over the past year, most Global South countries adopted a position of studied neutrality on the war in Ukraine”.
In a deeply arrogant voice, the French state media outlet wrote dismissively that “what binds this diverse group [in the Global South] together is the quest for a ‘multipolar’ world order stacked against the ‘unipolar hegemony’ of the West”. It added smugly that this “also happens to be Russia’s favourite talking point”.

Vladimir Putin Blames West for Starting War in Ukraine

By Olive Enokido-Lineham, February 21, 2023
Vladimir Putin has blamed the West for starting the war in Ukraine and claimed Russia responded with force “in order to stop it”.
In a speech describing his aims as the first anniversary of the conflict nears, the Russian president said Ukraine was in talks with the West about weapons before Russia invaded its neighbour on 24 February last year.
Putin admits ‘very difficult time for Russia’ – Ukraine war latest
Mr Putin also announced that Russia was suspending its participation in a key nuclear treaty with the US which limits the two sides’ strategic nuclear arsenals.
“I would like to repeat, they started the war and we used force in order to stop it,” he said in his state of the nation address on Tuesday.
The Russian leader said Kyiv held talks with the West about weapons supplies before the “special military operation”, as Moscow calls it, began.
‘Playing a dirty game’
“I would like to emphasise when Russia tried to find a peaceful solution they were playing with the lives of people and they were playing a dirty game,” he said.
Mr Putin said Russia decided to “protect its people and history” by conducting a “special military operation step-by-step” – as he warned that Moscow will “continue to resolve the objectives that are before us”.
His speech came a day after US President Joe Biden made his first visit to Ukraine since the Russian invasion, as Washington pledged $500m worth of military aid to Kyiv.
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Victoria Nuland Confirms: US Supports Ukrainian Attacks on Crimea

By Dave DeCamp, February 21, 2023

Victoria Nuland, the undersecretary of state for political affairs, said last week that the US is “supporting” Ukrainian attacks on Crimea and called Russian military installations on the peninsula “legitimate targets.”
Nuland made the comments when asked about a report from The New York Times that was published in January and said the Biden administration was “warming” to the idea of helping Ukraine attack Russia despite the risk of escalation.
“Russia has turned Crimea into a massive military installation … those are legitimate targets, Ukraine is hitting them, and we are supporting that,” Nuland told the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, a Washington DC-based think tank.
Nuland also expressed support for the “demilitarization” of Crimea.

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Biden’s Role in Ukraine War Under Scrutiny After Nord Stream Sabotage Claim

By Irwin Jerome Global Research, February 14, 2023
nvestigative journalist Seymour Hersh, Pulitzer Prize Winner for his reportage on the infamous My Lai Massacre during the Vietnam War, has just broken the colossal true story of how America took out Russia’s Nord Stream I & II LNG Pipelines. Hersh’s account now affords all concerned to more clearly see and understand what the real underpinnings are of the rough-and-tumble geo-political world in which we all, somehow, are now captives of, beholden to, or, in one way or another, feel the brunt of the driving forces behind the commission of the war in Ukraine.
The world is constantly victimized by the habitual chronic lies of the American Government, representatives of NATO itself, and newspapers of note, like the New York Times and Washington Post, who essentially, so far, have blown off what Hersh has had to report about the sabotage by the U.S.-led BALTOPS 22 Task Force as it pertains to the on-going War in Ukraine; not to mention the many sordid, outrageous geo-political events that precipitated, and since have followed, the proxy U.S., NATO and Ukrainian forces fighting against Russias Special Military Operation (SMO) in Eastern Ukraine. It’s a classic textbook case of dissimilitude from beginning to end.
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Baerbock gegen Wagenknecht: So argumentiert die Außenministerin für den Krieg

Die Friedensinitiative der Links-Politikerin Sahra Wagenknecht hat die deutsche Regierung offenbar unter Druck gesetzt – Außenministerin Annalena Baerbock (Grüne) kontert: Es ginge darum, in der Ukraine “die europäische Friedensordnung zu verteidigen”.
Klares Nein aus Berlin für einen Friedensschluss
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NATO Soldiers Are fighting in Ukraine as Mercenaries: Austrian Colonel

By Chris King
Global Research, February 09, 2023 EuroWeekly 7 February 2023

According to Colonel Markus Reisner, the military strategist of the Austrian Ministry of Defence, Ukraine does not need NATO soldiers, as they are already there on the frontlines as mercenaries.
In a video posted on the Intel republic Telegram channel, the Austrian can be seen and heard giving his view on the situation. Reisner’s remark came in response to a question posed during a press conference at the AIES Institute. One of the journalists asked him who would be managing the proposed transfer of tanks to Ukraine – NATO servicemen or Ukrainians.
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Corruption and Desertion Became Commonplace Among Ukrainians – British Mercenary

Earlier, Viktor Zolotov, the head of the Russian Guard, announced an increase in the number of mercenaries from European countries fighting on the side of the armed forces of Ukraine.
These mercenaries have considerable experience of participating in armed conflicts in various countries of the world, as well as relevant training he suggested.
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UK to Train Ukrainian Pilots, Supply Long-range Weapons to Kiev

Global Research, February 09, 2023 South Front 8 February 2023

The United Kingdom will train Ukrainian fighter pilots and provide long-range weapons to Kiev forces, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak said in a statement on February 8, as Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky arrived in London on a visit.
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Ukraine, The Battle of Information, Censorship and the Ministry of Truth

The office didn’t clarify on which fighter jets Ukrainian pilots will be trained. The Royal Air Force is currently mainly made of Eurofighter Typhoon jets.
London intends to coordinate efforts in this area with its allies in order to “meet Ukraine’s defense needs.” Earlier, the Prime Minister’s Office noted that the shortest jet pilot training course lasts 36 months.
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German Foreign Minister: We Are at War with Russia

By Kurt Nimmo Global Research, January 26, 2023
Go figure. Why did German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock announce in English that Germany is now at war with Russia?
Nothing Is More Inexcusable Than War and the Call to Hatred of Nations. Albert Camus
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Did Germany Just Officially Declare War on Russia?

By Drago Bosnic Global Research, January 26, 2023 InfoBrics
During a debate at the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE), German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock bluntly stated that Germany and its allies are at war with Russia. The unexpected admission, although essentially true, is quite shocking given the fact that many Western officials have been insisting they aren’t directly involved in the conflict with Moscow. Baerbock made the statement during a discussion over sending “Leopard 2” heavy tanks to the Kiev regime. Most mainstream media conveniently ignored her words, but numerous experts were alarmed and warned that Berlin just essentially declared war on Russia.
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CIA’s Deadly “Strategy of Tension” to Destroy Russia

The USG planned subversion operations inside Russia well before Putin’s SMO.
By Kurt Nimmo Global Research, December 27, 2022
On Monday, the Russian Federation Engels airbase in the Saratov region, nearly 400 miles from Ukraine, was attacked for a second time since the beginning of Russia’s SMO.
“Russia’s Defense Ministry said the incident took place in the early hours of Monday, and three servicemen were killed by debris at the Engels airbase, which houses Tu-95 and Tu-160 nuclear-capable strategic bombers that have been involved in launching strikes on Ukraine in the 10-month-old war,” reports the Associated Press.
There have been a number of attacks inside Russia—in Kursk, the city of Bryansk, the village of Staraya Nelidovka in the Belgorod region, and the military airfields at Dyagilevo in the Ryazan region, in addition to Engels.
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Ex-General Kujat: EU eskaliert in Kaliningrad | ntv

Nele Balgo spricht mit General a.D. Harald Kujat. 
Der ehemalige Generalinspekteur der Bundeswehr sieht die militärische Lage der Ukraine kritisch.
Watch the video Schau das Video

Kriegsprofiteure: Großkonzerne, Viktor Orbán, griechische Reeder:

MONITOR vom 09.06.2022
Von Mosul über Raqqa bis Mariupol ist das Töten von Zivilisten ein Verbrechen
image 23
Von Medea Benjamin und Nicolas JS Davies, World BEYOND War, April 12, 2022
Die Amerikaner waren schockiert über den Tod und die Zerstörung der russischen Invasion in der Ukraine, die unsere Bildschirme mit bombardierten Gebäuden und auf der Straße liegenden Leichen füllten. Aber die Vereinigten Staaten und ihre Verbündeten haben jahrzehntelang Krieg in einem Land nach dem anderen geführt und in weitaus größerem Ausmaß als bisher die Russen in der Ukraine  Schneisen der Zerstörung durch Städte und Dörfer gezogen.
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Die NATO gibt zu, dass sie will, dass „Ukrainer weiter sterben“, um Russland auszubluten

By Ben Norton Global Research, April 13, 2022 Al Mayadeen English 8 April 2022
Das US-geführte NATO-Militärbündnis hat deutlich gemacht, dass es bereit ist, bis zum letzten Ukrainer zu kämpfen, um Russland auszubluten und westliche geopolitische Interessen voranzutreiben.
In einem erschreckend unverblümten Eingeständnis räumte die Washington Post ein, dass einige NATO-Mitgliedstaaten wollen, dass „Ukrainer weiter kämpfen und sterben“, um Russland daran zu hindern, politische Gewinne zu erzielen.
„For some in NATO, it’s better for the Ukrainians to keep fighting, and dying, than to achieve a peace that comes too early or at too high a cost to Kyiv and the rest of Europe.“
In einem Bericht vom 5. April über Friedensgespräche zwischen der Ukraine und Russland gab die große US-Zeitung bekannt, dass die NATO befürchtet, dass Kiew einigen Forderungen Moskaus nachgeben könnte.
Die Washington Post schrieb ausdrücklich: „Für einige in der NATO ist es besser für die Ukrainer, weiter zu kämpfen und zu sterben, als einen Frieden zu erreichen, der zu früh oder zu hohen Kosten für Kiew und den Rest Europas kommt.“
Anonyme westliche Diplomaten betonten, dass „es Grenzen gibt, wie viele Kompromisse einige in der NATO unterstützen werden, um den Frieden zu gewinnen“, und dass sie den Krieg in der Ukraine lieber verlängern würden, wenn sie verhindern könnten, dass Russland seinen Sicherheitsbedenken nachkommt.
Die Zeitung sagte, die NATO-Mitglieder seien verzweifelt bemüht, „dem russischen Präsidenten Wladimir Putin keinen Anschein eines Sieges zu geben“, und seien mehr als bereit, die Ukrainer dafür in den Fleischwolf zu zwingen.
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